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June to September 2019


Sacred Hoop Magazine Back Issues (Page 6)

Because of the large number of Back Issues available we have organised earlier Back Issues into 'annual four-issue bundles'.

Sacred Hoop Issue 85 and above are only available as single, whole issue, downloads.

Issues 80 and above are also available as paper back issues from our Print-On-Demand printer. (Issues before number 80 are NOT available as paper back issues - only as downloads).

Click on any cover to see the contents of the issue or bundle.

Bundle 21 (Issues 81-84 : 2013-14) £6 (approx $7.45)

Bundle 22 (Issues 85-88 : 2014-15) £6 (approx $7.45)

Sacred Hoop Issues 89-94 (2015-17)
£2.50 each (approx $3)