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March to June 2019


About The Editor - Nicholas Breeze Wood...

Nick has been a shamanic practitioner for nearly 30 years, combining it with the more shamanic end of Tibetan Buddhism.

He is a craftsman - making traditional shamanic ritual objects - and has a special interest in the sacred and ritual objects found in Central Asian and Siberian shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and the Native American medicine path. He runs 3Worlds - an on-line gallery - showcasing and selling these beautiful ritual antiques. He is the author of three books, ‘Sacred Drums of Siberia,’ ‘Voices From The Earth’ and ‘The Book of the Shaman.’

He has worked with many gifted medicine people and shamans over the years, but is now deeply apprenticed to his spirit helpers, whose teachings never fail to awe and surprise him. He has recently received a lifetime honoury membership of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies from Michael Harner.

In his spare time he is a musician with a great interest and love of the early medieval music of the trobadors, and has a collection of nearly 60 medieval and world music plucked stringed instruments, and about the same number of Central Asian rugs - both of which breed well in the damp Pembrokeshire air where he lives.

Sacred Drums of Siberia - The Soul of the Shaman

The latest paperback book by Nick - described by Michael Harner as "An important contribution to the study of shamanism" - contains photographs of Siberian shamans and their drums, many never published in the west before, together with fascinating insights into the making, use and sacred care of shamanic drums.
'Possibly the definitive book about shamans' drums.....' Available HERE