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SSUE 116
June to September 2022


Sending Articles to Sacred Hoop...

Sacred Hoop publishes quality articles on all aspects of shamanism and animistic spirituality, as well as the material cultures associated with those traditions. Articles may be about personal experiences of shamanic practice, or about the shamanic practises of a particular cultural or tribal group, or about a specific aspect of general shamanic practice, theory or tradition.
We aim at an interested general readership - not an academic one, and are more than happy to help you ‘iron out wrinkles’ in your writing skills if you have a good idea for an article but feel you lack sufficient skills to deliver it succinctly.
The magazine is aimed at those who are interested in practicing and studying shamanism within their own lives, but we generally do not publish articles that have little relationship to historical or culturally accepted forms of shamanic or animistic tradition.

We are always happy to look at your work -
we would rather say a friendly "no thanks" than miss a great article.

We have approx 600 - 800 words per page. Articles vary from one to around six pages.
It can sometimes be helpful to send an email about an article idea you have, as this can also help you clarify content, and also gives us a chance to consider if it is right for us.

Articles should be sent by email as attached Microsoft Word docs

We may edit your article for the sake of clarity or length, but we will try to send a proof before we publish it. We like to include a short footnote biography of the author and their contact details. Please send these with your article and any images that you think may go with it.
Biographies should be between around 70 - 100 words long.

We publish in full colour and take great care in the visual quality of each issue. We have an extensive library of shamanic images - but we always welcome original photos too - especially if they are of a unique nature.

Images should be from good digital cameras. These can either be emailed to us or posted on a CD (for our address see the Contact Page).
Images should be their original size. Photographic prints can be considered if they are of high quality, as can 35mm or medium format transparencies - although digital images are the best quality.

Sacred Hoop is unable to pay for articles, but is happy to trade a subscription for your article if we publish it.