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March to June 2024

Some Recent Issues

About Sacred Hoop Magazine...

Sacred Hoop was founded in 1993 by Faith Nolton (Jan Morgan Wood) and Nicholas Breeze Wood. They, and the magazine, are based in Pembrokeshire in Southwest Wales, in the UK. Currently Hoop is produced and edited by Nick with help from Faith.

In the 1980's and 90's shamanic teachings were starting to come into the UK, mainly from the 'medicine' traditions of the Native Americans. As interest grew, a gathering of those in the UK working with these traditions took place in Wales, and Nick and Faith came away from that with the strong feeling that this growing network needed a way to keep in touch and have ways to share teachings. And so, eventually Sacred Hoop Magazine was born.

As technology has developed over the years the magazine has kept up with it. Always working with Apple Macs, Nick and Faith has tried to make Hoop beautifully designed, and the magazine has growing from an original tiny black and white publication to a full colour magazine.

In 2013 Sacred Hoop stopped offering paper magazine subscriptions, and instead became digital, but the development of 'Print-on-Demand' technology means that each new issue of Sacred Hoop is still available as a paper magazine for those who wish it.

Hoop has always been a magazine produced for shamanic practitioners by shamanic practitioners. Nick and Faith are both experienced in these traditions, having been practicing shamanism since the late 1980's. Their wish in producing Sacred Hoop has always been to create a beautifull, visual, grounded and 'real' magazine about these sacred traditions, in order to bring good, accurate and inspiring information to people everywhere.


Photo taken for the front cover of the first issue of Sacred Hoop in 1993