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Sept to Dec 2018


What is Shamanism...

Many cultures understand that all the different parts of the universe are alive, and that each has its own spirit. This understanding that all things are alive is called 'animism.'

A shaman is someone who, through animistic understanding, learns how to work and communicate with all the living aspects of Creation. Their role is to communicate with - and negotiate between - these different parts of Creation; the different spirits of humans, animals, plants, rocks, stars, mountains, lakes, fire, wind and ancestors etc.. Because of their ability to communicate, a shaman is a healer, a tradition keeper, and a balancer of the forces which effect humans within the larger universe.

The word 'shaman' comes from Siberia, and the shamans there - playing their drums - are probably what many people think of when they hear the word. But traditions similar to Siberian shamanism occur all over the world and have done so for tens of thousands of years, making shamanism the oldest form of spirituality on earth. From the Aborigines of Australia, to the medicine people of Native North America, from the Bushmen of Africa to the traditions of the ancient peoples of Europe. Humans have always sought to communicate with the spirits and ask for help, and all ancient cultures have known that all the parts of Creation are related in a great 'web of life.' They also know that we humans sit in our own place on this vast sacred circle of relations - part of one huge Sacred Hoop - 'as wide as daylight and as starlight.''

In the pages of Sacred Hoop Magazine you will find articles about a very wide range of cultures and spiritual traditions, all of which reflect this great diversity of human spiritual wisdom. We feature articles about the shamans of Siberia, the healers of the Amazon rainforest, the medicine people of North America, the people of Tibet - who mix Buddhism and shamanism, the ancient ways of Neolithic and Celtic Europe, the healers and diviners of Africa... and many, many other cultures.

And along side these ancient wisdom-keeping cultures, we feature articles about the people bringing these ancient ways back to modern society, healers, artists, communicators, environmentalists; people who see that our culture has got some serious changes to make if it is going to find its balance. These are people who understand that the cultures we have often called 'primitive' in the past, actually hold great wisdom, knowledge and ways of living. These 'ancient ways' are things we all need to get in touch with, in order for us to live in balance with true sacred reality again.

Articles in Hoop are designed to be a signpost to how you can live your life more connected to the sacred nature of how things are.

What is a shaman..? Well, shamans are many different things to many different people, but at their core they are those people who know that Creation is complex, beautiful and filled with mystery, and that every part of it is alive, with a spirit - and also that every single part of Creation is sacred.